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ContiReflex Enhanced Artificial Urinary Sphincter


Enhanced Artificial Urinary Sphincter
Smart Reflex Balloon

Smart Reflex Balloon

Innovative “Smart Reflex Balloon” technology is revolutionizing the field of AUS.
New Cuff Sizes

New Cuff Sizes

Variant cuff sizes for optimal adaptation to the patient’s urethral structure.
Control Pump

Control Pump

Effortless activation and deactivation mechanism.
    ContiReflex Enhanced Artificial Urinary Sphincter


    Artificial Urinary Sphincter
    Smart Reflex Balloon

    Smart Reflex Balloon

    Innovative “Smart Reflex Balloon” technology is revolutionizing the field of AUS.
    New Cuff Sizes

    New Cuff Sizes

    New and diverse occlusive cuff sizes for a surgeon-made fit to the patient’s urethral anatomy.
    Control Pump

    Control Pump

    Effortless activation and deactivation mechanism.
      • ContiReflex® Enhanced Artificial Urinary Sphincter is used to treat urinary incontinence due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency in cases such as incontinence following prostate surgery.4

      • Unlike traditional devices, the ContiReflex® with its smart reflex balloon constantly senses intra-abdominal pressure changes and simultaneously adapts the pressure on the urethra, potentially helping patients stay dry more consistently.4

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      • The Reflex Balloon, with its dual component design, allows adjustment of pressure on the urethra in response to the patient’s sudden intra-abdominal pressure changes, promising improved outcomes with the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. In effect, this means that cuff occlusion pressure is no longer limited by the PRB’s labeled pressure.

      • The ContiReflex’s unique two-component design allows the system to adjust cuff pressure in real time, based on intra-abdominal pressure changes. This means that it can potentially achieve satisfactory continence outcomes with a lower baseline pressure than traditional devices. The lower baseline pressure also helps to reduce stress on the urethra, which could lead to longer device lifespan and reduced risk of urethral complications.

      Smart Reflex Balloon

      Smart Reflex Balloon

      Smart Reflex Balloon senses IAP; changes and modifies occlusive cuff pressure in real-time. Cuff pressure is no longer limited by PRB’s labeled pressure capacity.
      New Cuff Sizes

      New Cuff Sizes

      New cuff sizes provide surgeons with a range of occlusive cuff options for a personalized fit to the patient’s urethral anatomy.

      HydroShield™ Coating

      HydroShield™ Coating

      Unlike competitors, ContiReflex® is uniquely manufactured with a HydroShield™ hydrophilic coating on all external surfaces, including the pressure-regulating balloon. The HydroShield™ Coating allows for diverse dipping options enabling a customized approach to meet the specific needs of the surgeon and the patient.2

      EasyClick™ Connector

      EasyClick™ Connector

      EasyClick™ Connectors simplify assembly, eliminating the need for additional tools.

      Control Pump

      Control Pump

      The ContiReflex® control pump stands out by featuring a remarkably soft pump, effortless post-recovery activation, and intuitive pump manipulation for an enhanced patient experience. 

      Rigicon Duality

      Rigicon Duality

      The ContiReflex is fully compatible with and can be implanted alongside any of the Infla10® Inflatable Penile Prosthesis models.5

      Tubing Passer

      Conti® Blue KRT

      The Conti® Artificial Urinary Sphincter Systems feature color-coded kink-resistant tubes, which facilitate reliable intraoperative connections between device components for surgeons. The utilization of blue KRTs, as opposed to the transparent KRTs in legacy systems, enhances visual control to check integrity of the connection.

      Tubing Passer

      Tubing Passer

      Tubing Passer, included in the Conti® Accessory Kit, provides the
      implanting surgeon the ease of seamless tube transfer between two incisions.


      In this section, you will find quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Keep in mind that each person and his condition are unique, and you should always consult an experienced physician to get the right answers for you.
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      How does the Smart Reflex Balloon in ContiReflex® enhance the treatment of stress urinary incontinence?

      The unique Smart Reflex Balloon in ContiReflex® is designed to sense changes in intraabdominal pressure and adapt the pressure on the urethra accordingly. This dynamic adjustment potentially offers improved patient outcomes with stress urinary incontinence, particularly during activities that increase abdominal pressure, like coughing or exercising. It ensures that cuff occlusion pressure is responsive to bodily movements, providing reliable continence control. 

      Can the ContiReflex® Artificial Urinary Sphincter be used in combination with treatments for erectile dysfunction?

      Yes, ContiReflex® is compatible with the Infla10® Inflatable Penile Prosthesis, allowing for concurrent management of stress urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. This compatibility is particularly beneficial for patients who have undergone prostate surgery and are experiencing both conditions. The integration of these devices provides a comprehensive approach to post-prostatectomy rehabilitation.

      What can I expect in terms of recovery after getting the ContiReflex® Artificial Urinary Sphincter? When can I return to normal activities?

      The recovery period following the implantation of ContiReflex® typically lasts up to 6 weeks, but this can vary depending on individual circumstances. During the first 4-6 weeks post-surgery, we generally advise patients to avoid demanding activities. Your physician will activate the device at a follow-up appointment within this period. You’ll receive specific guidance for your recovery, but most patients gradually resume their normal activities, ensuring a comfortable and successful recovery process.

      Is the ContiReflex® device noticeable? Will others be able to tell that I have it implanted?

      No, the ContiReflex® is designed to be completely discreet. All of its components are internally implanted and fully concealed within your body. There are no visible signs of the device externally, so your privacy and comfort are maintained. Rest assured that the device is designed to be discreet and unnoticeable to others, allowing you to confidently engage in your daily activities.

      I’m concerned about the ease of using the ContiReflex® device. How simple is it to operate the control pump?

      The ContiReflex® is designed with ease of use in mind, particularly when it comes to the control pump. This pump is engineered to be very user-friendly, allowing easy manipulation. You’ll be able to manage the device with minimal effort, providing control over urinary continence without significant physical strain or complexity. Your physician will guide you on how to use the pump effectively, ensuring you feel confident in managing the device independently.

      Are there any unique features of the ContiReflex® that make it stand out compared to other artificial urinary sphincters?

      Yes, the ContiReflex® has several unique features. Its innovative Reflex Balloon adapts to changes in intra-abdominal pressure, providing real-time adjustment for potentially better continence control. Additionally, the device offers a range of cuff sizes for a precise fit and a hydrophilic coating compatible with various antibiotics, enhancing surgical flexibility and patient-specific care. These features collectively contribute to the device’s effectiveness and patient comfort, making it a distinguished choice in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence.

      As someone who’s active and enjoys sports, how will the ContiReflex® affect my lifestyle? Can I continue with activities like gym workouts or running?

      The ContiReflex® is designed to adapt to changes in intraabdominal pressure, making it suitable for active lifestyles. After the initial recovery period, nearly all patients can return to their regular physical activities, including gym workouts and running. The device’s ability to respond to pressure changes means it provides protection during various movements. However, we recommend discussing your specific activity level with your physician to get personalized advice on resuming such activities post-implantation.

      Will I need to make any long-term adjustments or lifestyle changes after the ContiReflex® implantation?

      While ContiReflex® is designed to enhance your quality of life and provide better control over urinary incontinence, some lifestyle adjustments may be beneficial post-implantation. These might include managing fluid intake, and avoiding excessive demanding activities, and regular follow-up appointments to ensure the device is functioning optimally. Your physician will provide detailed guidance based on your individual situation to ensure the best outcomes with your ContiReflex®.

      I’ve had urinary incontinence for a while. How effective is the ContiReflex® in managing long-term incontinence issues?

      Artificial Urinary Sphincter systems are proven to be highly effective for long-term management of stress urinary incontinence, especially in cases arising from intrinsic sphincter deficiency, such as after prostate surgery. ContiReflex®’s innovative design, including the Reflex Balloon, provides dynamic pressure adjustment, enhancing continence control.

      Are there any specific considerations or care routines I should follow to maintain the ContiReflex® device’s effectiveness over time?

      To maintain the effectiveness of your ContiReflex®, it’s important to adhere to the care routines advised by your physician. This includes regular check-ups to monitor the device’s function, proper handling of the control pump, and being mindful of activities that could impact the device. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing fluid intake, and avoiding activities that exert excessive pressure on the abdominal area can contribute to the long-term success of the device.

      FAQ’s Disclaimer

      The content is not intended to be a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional.


      Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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